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    Finding New Determination, Meaning and an Open heart

If external circumstances increasingly prove illusory, how do you determine your course?

The times through which we are living are indeed unprecedented. Far from being a temporary situation: this is, and will continue to be, our new reality, affecting the Earth, our world, organizations, communities and social systems.

Together we are challenged to navigate through uncharted territory, innovate, and build bridges from the old to the new. At the same time, the pace of change is high, giving us little time to reflect or recover from the sudden challenges we face.

If all this turbulence is making us feel insecure, we can easily fall back on old patterns, even when they no longer work, leading to more uncertainty, frustration, wasted resources, depression and burnout.

In times like these, you need to learn to become your own best ally.

More and more people are looking for new meaning.

Right now, it is possible to cultivate and nurture the best version of you that you can be. You can use your wisdom, your abilities and experience in a different way so that you can set your own course despite the challenges with which life regularly presents us with. The question I often hear is "How do I do that?"


Now determine your life course and develop a life in which you experience meaning and joy

In the Inner Wisdom Journeys program, I  take you on a journey where you explore, experience, and get clear about what really drives you. You will learn which behavioural patterns dominate or run your life, and why you find the same blockages on your path time after time.

I do this with the conviction that self-knowledge and awareness  are the basis of all life-transforming processes.

In this programme you will:

  1. Gather the strength, tools and courage you need to be resilient and learn to trust in your fundamental wealth and wisdom, especially now, when times are challenging, and the pressure on everyone is increasing.
  2. Learn how to establish a deeper connection with your innate inner wisdom and from there to trust and follow your true course.

This will enable you to contact a new inner determination and an open and courageous heart, so that you can start walking the untrodden path, living more from your heart and from your natural qualities.



                                           “The future depends on what you do in the present.”


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“Ik kan iedereen die zichzelf beter wil begrijpen én ontwikkelen een sessie met Johanna zeer
aanraden.” - Katja Stello

“Wanneer de grote en essentiële vragen van het leven maar niet beantwoord worden en je vast dreigt
te lopen dan is een Kosmogram gemaakt en uitgelegd door Johanna een absolute ‘musthave’.” - Drs. Nathalie Noslin RA

“I have sought the professional assistance of Johanna in several distinct occasions and was always satisfied with the results we achieved in our work together.
 What I liked most in our interactions was that they were brief, to the point, and provided me with profound insights about myself and the issue at hand. 
 If you are serious about changing, Johanna is a professional who may be quite instrumental in your growth process.”
-Ju Pais

"De mensen aan wie ik Johanna recommandeer ervaren een consult bij haar als een verruiming van hun blik, denkkader en bevattingsvermogen.
 Johanna maakt met haar cliënten een ontdekkingsreis door de hele 'zijnsdimensie' waar alles met alles samenhangt en elkaar beïnvloedt en waar niet eerder ontdekte verbanden bloot komen te liggen, vooral in henzelf, in relatie tot de omgeving en in ruimere sociale en economische context.”
-Drs. Els Kikke